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Bloggers you should follow

Over these past few months that we have started blogging at Pioneer Valley Books, we've started following quite a few bloggers and twitterers. Here are some of the ones we've been reading that we'd recommend to others.

60 Second Parent Screenshot

Sixty Second Parent is rich with all kinds of information that parents need. We recommend following them on Twitter so you can keep tabs on the most recent articles (also, because the site itself can be confusing to navigate because there is SO much content). Here are some good recent articles offering tips for developing good reading habits with your child.

Reading Rockets homepage screenshotReading Rockets is an amazing source of information, but what is really great is how the editors have separated their content based on audience: For Parents, For Teachers, For Principals, etc. That way if you are a parent you can find information that speaks your language. For teachers, you can read the latest in classroom strategies and resources. And so on. Really smart idea to focus on dividing content by audience. Thumbs up. 

Once Upon A Story blog screenshot

Once upon a time, before corporations and companies came along to usurp the tradition of blogging, there were mostly just personal blogs -- the ones that showed you a slice of someone's life. You started to follow bloggers who had a really great voice -- you felt like you knew them and you could relate to them. Once Upon a Story is like that, but with a nice bend towards helping parents work with their kids to make reading a part of their lives. One read and you will be hooked.

Jen Robinson's Book Page screenshotJen Robinson's Book Page is another excellent resource geared towards reading teachers. Jen is also someone you should be following on Twitter. P.S. If you aren't on Twitter, it's about time you got on it!