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Jack and Daisy now have their own books

Jack and Daisy

Irresistible small dogs Jack and Daisy now have their own books! Jack is adorably timid and Daisy is cute and brave. Everyone is certain to enjoy these stories about Bella and Rosie's new friends. They've charmed their way into our hearts. Now we're sharing them with you! 

Daisy's Bell: In this book, Bella thinks Daisy's bell is silly until one day when Daisy goes missing.

Hunting Squirrels: Bella and Rosie enjoy chasing squirrels. Daisy wants to join in, but Jack isn't so sure.

Jack and the Ball: Jack wants Bella and Rosie to play with his ball, but they think it's too small.

Jack and the Fox: Jack dons his cape and goes searching for foxes.

Super Dog: In this cute story, readers are introduced to Jack's alter-ego: Super Dog.

The Big Bone: Jack and Daisy come across a big bone in the kitchen.