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Michèle Dufresne presents at Arkansas Reading Recovery and Comprehensive Literacy K-8 Conference

Literacy Expert Michele DufresneLiteracy Expert and author Michèle Dufresne is presenting a concurrent session entitled, "Solving Words on the Run" during the October Institute on Reading Recovery and Early Literacy, hosted by the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Approximately 900 literacy educators are attending the conference in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Michèle's presentation is scheduled for today. Her focus will be working with beginning readers to solve words. Michèle describes the basics of the presentation this way:

"Beginning readers need to learn to use multiple sources of information when reading novel text. Sometimes students will need to do some extensive solving work at the word level to discover what the new word is. We will consider helpful ways to encourage visual analysis of words both in reading and in writing. Video clips from Reading Recovery and small group intervention lessons will be used to illustrate teaching and learning for students."

We have posted handouts to go with Michèle's presentation.

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