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Now seeking your reviews

Have you ever been talking with other teachers and started enthusiastically talking aPrincess the Pigbout our books? Or have you heard someone else saying great things about a tool or service that inspired you to try it out? Aren't you more likely to purchase something or try something if you've heard that people like you are using it? Reviews can be valuable tools in helping customers evaluate whether a product is right for their classroom or student.

We now have a feature on our website that invites our customers to write online reviews of our books. If your students have had a particularly successful experience reading our books and you want to share that news with others, or your one-on-one student really enjoys a particular character for a specific reason, you can post your review on our website. Just go to any product page and click "Reviews." Then follow the instructions to write your own review. You never know when your review might help another teacher, or when you might stumble upon a review that helps you make a decision about your purchases.

We will send a surprise gift to anyone who has his/her review published.

If you would like to further encourage your students to write, you could have them write a review of one of our books and then submit the reviews yourself. Please specify who wrote the review when you submit it. One last bit of housekeeping: You'll need to be a registered user on our site to submit a review, so click here to set up your account before you start writing reviews.