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Now featuring: The Duckling Collection

Now Featuring the Duckling Collection!

Featuring: Duckling Collection

This month, we will feature a different book, book set or collection each week and tell you a little more about it.

The Duckling Readers Collection was designed to help teachers of Preschool and Kindergarten students launch their students into literacy. The books, lessons and supporting materials are all structured to help young children establish a love of reading. As children engage in the activities, they will have numerous opportunities to acquire the all-important foundation for reading - language.

Learning about letters, sounds and words is vital to literacy development. The Duckling lessons include practice and playful experiences to increase children's print awareness. Now I Know My ABCs, a lap book filled with vibrant photographs, pairs with accompanying Alphabet Charts for individual students. Activities built around these and other materials will propel novice readers into strong letter and word knowledge.

Leveled readers ranging from level A - D are accompanied by 9" x 9" lap books for shared reading. Shared reading provides teachers with opportunities to point out important features in the reading experience. The books focus on themes that appeal to young readers and are filled with photographs and illustrations to inspire the imaginations of young minds.

Rhymes, songs, and poetry play an important part in helping young children develop language skills as they gain phonemic awareness. Listening to and predicting the patterns of familiar rhymes and songs encourage an enthusiastic connection to words and sounds. The Duckling Readers Collection includes a 56-page book of Mother Goose nursery rhymes as well as set of six fun and familiar rhymes and songs.

The lesson cards and accompanying Teaching Guide will help support teachers along every step as they help their "duckling readers" swim into a lifetime of reading.


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