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Some frequently asked questions...

Are Bella and Rosie real?

Bella and Rosie are real pets. They are owned by Michèle Dufresne, the author of the Bella and Rosie series, as well as a number of our other series. Bella and Rosie are Bichon Frises and they are very well paid for their modeling efforts — they work for treats! Bella and Rosie spend time in our Northampton office on an almost daily basis, where they are occasionally spoiled and regularly loved. Most of the stories about Bella and Rosie are conceived based on actual events. Bella and Rosie are always up to something!

Can I write to Bella and Rosie?

Letters written to Bella and Rosie, any of our other characters, or to Michèle Dufresne will be responded to in as timely a manner as possible. As literacy professionals, we are excited to encourage reading and writing in this special way. You can send letters to: Bella and Rosie, c/o Pioneer Valley Books, 155A Industrial Drive, Northampton, MA 01060.