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As you move toward supporting students through remote learning, we know you are looking for creative ways to keep your students progressing. We have received a number of questions about copyright and what permissions we at Pioneer Valley Books can offer you. We want to be as supportive as possible in these challenging circumstances, all the while following current copyright laws. Here are the updated guidelines set by Pioneer Valley Books as of August 31, 2021.

Copyright Information for Specific Products

Pioneer Valley Books Leveled Book Collections

We are granting temporary permission for you to live-stream or record yourself reading any of our Pioneer Valley Books in a closed digital environment. Please follow the Permissions Guidelines listed below. 

**Unfortunately, we cannot grant permission for you to scan and copy our books. These are the solutions we are able to offer you at this time:

  • We have made sets of books available at a very affordable cost in an effort to assist teachers in reaching more students at home and to keep students reading during the coming school year.

Digital Reader 

  • The Digital Reader provides digital access for students and teachers to read the titles and use the corresponding lesson plans that comprise each of the Literacy Footprints Digital Reader kits.
  • The digital books that comprise the Digital Reader may be used only in the closed environment of the Digital Reader platform. *These books may not be downloaded, copied, or printed. Doing so violates copyright permissions.

    Pioneer Valley Books Guided Reading Lessons

    If your students have access to any of the books in our collections—whether you have arranged for a take-home system at your school, have provided students with a new Read-at-Home set, or have given students access to our Digital Reader—we are granting temporary permission for you to live-stream or record your lessons from any of these collections in a closed digital setting. This includes lessons from Literacy Footprints, Garden Collection, and all of our Pawprints kits. Please follow the Permissions Guidelines below.

    Literacy Footprints Interactive Read-Aloud Books and Lessons

    The Literacy Footprints Interactive Read-Aloud picture books are written, illustrated, and published by a wide range of publishers. We do not hold the copyright to these materials (only the lessons) and therefore cannot provide permission for reading these books online. However, we do know that many publishers are setting new policies and guidelines. Check with School Library Journal for a list of publisher responses to copyright policy. 

    We are granting temporary permission for you to live-stream or record your Literacy Footprints Interactive Read-Aloud lessons with any books you have permission to read online. Please follow the Permissions Guidelines below.


    Permissions Guidelines

    By live-streaming or recording a Pioneer Valley Books or Literacy Footprints book or lesson, you agree to abide by the following guidelines:

    1. At the beginning of the live or recorded book reading or lesson, please state that you are reading or using a Pioneer Valley Books/Literacy Footprints product and also note the author’s and illustrator’s names where applicable.
    2. Please only share your live-stream or recorded lessons in a closed digital environment within your school community. Access should be limited to your students only.
    3. Please remove and delete your recordings when your district/school resumes on-site school learning, or at the latest by August 31, 2021.

     We appreciate every effort you and all the teachers from around the country are making to support children and families as we grapple with how to provide effective learning from a distance. At Pioneer Valley Books, we want to do everything we can to help you. Please send us your suggestions and continue to let us know what you need!

    —The Pioneer Valley Books Team