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A Mysterious Deal Has Materialized in Our PVB Warehouse! 

PVB Mystery Boxes—available for a limited time!
Grab yours before they're gone!


Unbox huge savings, new literacy tools—and maybe even books! Each of our curated mystery boxes contains an assortment of literacy tools or books—plus the chance to receive a cute plush character! There are three sizes to choose from, and you’ll get a minimum of 25 high-quality literacy tools and books, and up to 65+ items in our larger boxes!


Because we only want the products inside to be mysterious, here are answers to some common Mystery Box questions. 

What is a PVB Mystery Box? 

Each PVB Mystery Box contains at least 25 items (in the small box) and up to 65+ items (large box). We group an assortment of literacy/reading tools, books, and even plush characters together at random, and pass along the deep savings to you at a special Mystery Box price. You’re always getting an amazing deal on the contents of your Mystery Box. Your items will be shipped to you in a box. These sell quick—don't miss out!

How do I order them?
Ordering a PVB Mystery Box is like ordering anything else from Pioneer Valley Books! Click on the button above or search for mystery box and you will find our small, medium, and large options.

Can I customize it?
We hate to be the bearer of sad news—but that would take all the mystery out of it! The Mystery Boxes are pre-packed by our warehouse staff and each one is a surprise.

Will I get duplicates?
We will never put duplicate items in the same box. However, if you order multiple boxes, there’s a chance you could receive the same items more than once.

Can you make sure I don’t get anything I already purchased?
Sorry! Each box is pre-packed and assigned at random!

Can I return the box?
Our amazing warehouse staff spent so much time solving literacy box mysteries that unfortunately, they are not eligible for refund or return, and are final sale only.

When will the next one come out?
Mystery Boxes typically materialize 1–2 times a year. Make sure you’re signed up for our email newsletter, and follow us on social media to get clues on when they’re coming up next!