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Below are several printable teacher resources to support teachers in their experience with Literacy Wings.

  • Thinking Cap Chart: Use this chart in coordination with lessons as referenced in Literacy Wings lesson plans.
  • Five-Day Lesson Overview: Use this five-day chart as a reference for the types of lessons that are included in each week of the program.
  • Reading Observation Form: This form provides teachers with a format to record observations of students’ reading progress.
  • Alphabet Recognition Form: Teachers will use this form to review and record students’ letter recognition.
  • High Frequency Reading Vocabulary Assessment: Teachers will use this form to record and assess vocabulary acquisition as students progress through reading skill levels.
  • Dictation Recording Form: Teachers will use these forms to record and score students’ skill level at recording auditory data.
  • Literacy Wings Content Focus: Teachers and administrators can use this chart to review the scope and sequence of the Literacy Wings intervention program.
  • Using Elkonin Boxes: Teach phonemic awareness by having students listen for individual sounds and mark where they hear them in the boxes. Michele Dufresne produced two videos to demonstrate this method: Video 1  Video 2
  • Vocabulary Strategy cards: Review strategies for learning new words and create prompt cards for learning new vocabulary based on skills students already know.


Also included are the book lists for each kit to use as a reference.


Running record forms for most of the Literacy Wings titles are included here, organized by kit.


Here are sample lesson cards to preview.