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Reading Recovery is a program that is designed to catch first grade students early on when they are struggling with learning to read. Students are given one-on-one intervention with a trained Reading Recovery teacher for a period of 12 to 20 weeks. Each lesson lasts half an hour so that the student does not miss out on classroom teaching.

In each individually designed half-hour lesson:

  • the teacher uses books that are familiar to the student in order to capture his/her attention.
  • the teacher has the student write a story.
  • the student breaks down a story and reassembles it.
  • the teacher introduces a new book with vocabulary and phrasing that is new to the student.

More than 30 years of research has shown that Reading Recovery can dramatically reduce the number of students struggling with reading. It is the only early intervention program listed at the What Works Clearinghouse with strong evidence that it is effective at teaching children how to read.

Many of the titles in the Pioneer Valley Books catalog are available on the Reading Recovery Council of North America’s book list and are used daily by Reading Recovery teachers across the United States and Canada. Use our Advanced Book Search to locate RRCNA leveled books.

In addition to the titles leveled by RRNCA, all of our books have been leveled by early intervention specialists and Reading Recovery professionals. Pioneer Valley Books provides many exciting teaching tools for supporting student to learn how to look at print. The following list of products was designed for Reading Recovery professionals: