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Single kit

This easy-to-use assessment kit aligns with Literacy Footprints and identifies the instructional and independent reading levels for students. This version provides teachers digital copies of all 28 assessment books, to provide means of assessing student progress remotely when necessary. Teachers opting for this digital version of the assessment kit will also have access to our Online Tracker.

For teachers opting to use the Digital version of our Guided Reading Assessment, they will have 28 digital books, two titles at each level from A-N, in a digital format. The books include two fiction books for Levels A through H, and one fiction and one nonfiction for Levels I through N. Throughout the fall and winter, we will add higher level assessment books to the digital Assessment Kit. The assessment books are shared live on screen with your student, via the platform of your choice (Zoom or Google Meet are the most common.)

The running record form is embedded next to the digital book so that it is right at the teachers' fingertips to download before the assessment reading. Entering the results is on the same screen, to keep it simple and quick. If you need dedicated books for assessing your students remotely, this is your solution.

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