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Pawprints Nonfiction Set 3 Levels: I/16 – M/20


This leveled nonfiction set brings together some of our most popular animal books. Each comes with an extension activity available on our website.

Author: Cally Smith, J.R. Hilt, Matthew Hugo, Rose Lewis

Genre: Nonfiction

Image Type: Photographs

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1 of BatsLevels:M/20

1 of CrocodilesLevels:I/16

1 of Marine MammalsLevels:J/17

1 of SharksLevels:M/20

In this collection

6 of BatsLevels:M/20

6 of CrocodilesLevels:I/16

6 of Marine MammalsLevels:J/17

6 of SharksLevels:M/20