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Pugs Set 1 Levels: A/1 – I/16

Sugar and Nutmeg: two sweet pugs that your students will love

Author: Susie Piper

Characters: Pugs

Genre: Fiction

Image Type: Photographs

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In this collection

1 of Blast OffLevels:F/10

1 of Dog BonesLevels:I/16

1 of Dressing UpLevels:D/6

1 of Glasses for NutmegLevels:H/13

1 of Look at MeLevels:A/1

1 of PlaytimeLevels:C/4

In this collection

6 of Blast OffLevels:F/10

6 of Dog BonesLevels:I/16

6 of Dressing UpLevels:D/6

6 of Glasses for NutmegLevels:H/13

6 of Look at MeLevels:A/1

6 of PlaytimeLevels:C/4