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Our new Single Book Bundles have been specifically curated to support remote learning. Each set includes fifteen of our leveled readers, across a small range of levels. This bundle is drawn from the correlating Fifth/Sixth Grade kit within our Digital Reader library. Teachers are able to provide students with physical copies of the same books that are included in the digital format.  Digital access sold separately as a subscription to the Digital Reader. 


  • A Ring for All (Anthologies V: Passion for Play)
  • The Call to Fight: Slave Rebellions (Anthologies W: Journey to Freedom)
  • Working on the Railroad
  • Two Dollars (Anthologies Y: Helping Hands)
  • Baboon for President: Long Live the Queen Bee
  • The Ghost of Blackbeard
  • Scarecrows
  • Two Violins
  • Futuristic Farming
  • Plants That Poison
  • Amazing Migrations
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • Look, No Hands!
  • The Wooden Apple
  • Salamander Crossing
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