Fishing with Grandfather

Fishing with Grandfather

Today I have a really neat book called Fishing with Grandfather to talk about in Colleen’s Cozy Book Corner. This book is about the importance of family and making memories and the joy we get from hanging out with people who are important to us. I was really touched by this book, and maybe you will be too. It’s written by Rose Lewis and illustrated by Camila Carrossine, whose art in this book is simply beautiful, especially the landscapes.

We actually have quite a few books about fishing at PVB: Viv and Thad Go Fishing, Quack and the Big Fish, and How To Catch a Fish, to name a few. I guess we really like to fish around here! I was drawn to this particular book by the title alone. It caught me like a fishhook! I too had a grandfather who loved to fish, so I immediately felt a connection with the story even before I read the first page. This is why writers and editors spend so much time searching for the most perfectly alluring title!

The main character, Tomás, is home alone with his napping grandfather when the story begins. Tomás is wistfully remembering all the fun things he and his grandfather used to do together, and one memory that is particularly strong is when they would go fishing. They’d camp by the river and eat the day’s catch. Then, under the stars, Tomás would listen to his grandfather tell stories about his boyhood in Mexico. This is clearly a boy who has a close relationship with his grandparent.

We learn that as Grandfather has gotten older, his activities and energy have decreased, and Tomás feels a certain restless sadness about it. When later in the story Grandfather turns up missing, the unease that arises in the family is palpable. But Tomás is smart. With observation and intuition, he is able to figure out just where Grandfather might be. This is a heartfelt tale that probes the affection we have for family and the power of memories both old and new.

Fishing with Grandfather is just one of the wonderful titles in our You and Me series, a collection of books spanning levels that aims to reflect the diversity in today’s schools and classrooms while showcasing events and experiences that kids can relate to.