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Literacy Footprints Intervention Partner is designed to work independently or alongside the guided reading classroom kits for grades K-6. The Intervention Partner Kit includes 186 titles ranging in level from A-N. The titles in this kit are not included in the grade level kits. The kit also includes 4 copies of each book as a take home version, 12 student tubs, 12 book bags, a teaching guide, lesson cards and many additional teaching resources.

The Intervention Partner kit is designed to:

  • Accelerate the literacy achievement of students who are not achieving grade grade-level expectations in reading
  • Improve strategic processing
  • Increase phonemic and phonological awareness
  • Improve decoding skills
  • Deepen and expand comprehension
  • Provide students with increased opportunities to read and write
  • Monitor student progress
  • Connect intervention and classroom teachers’ instructions to help struggling learners consolidate new learning

    Intervention Partner Kit (Intervention Size) Includes:

    • 4 teaching copies each of 186 Titles
    • 4 take-home versions of 186 Titles
    • Book Labels For All Titles
    • Intervention Partner Teaching Guide
    • Intervention Partner Lesson Plans
    • Word Study Box Set
    • Comprehension Boxed Set
    • 6 Book Storage Tubs
    • 12 Student Book Tubs
    • Sight Word Boxed Set
    • Chart Cards
    • Prompting Guide Card Set
    • 12 Intervention Partner Writing Journals (Early)
    • 12 Intervention Partner Writing Journals (Intermediate)
    • 1 Lesson Timer
    • 8 Write-on Sleeves

      Intervention Partner Kit (Single Student) Includes: 

      • 1 copy each of 186 Titles
      • Book labels for all titles
      • Does not include lesson plans, teaching guide or any other additional components
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