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Your solution for guided reading instruction—wherever your students are

The Digital Reader is a reading platform that provides support for the Literacy Footprints guided reading classroom kits, Stepping Together Shared Reading kits, and independent reading for students.

Teachers are able to use the digital books to share via online instruction by way of their own prerecorded lessons, or they can assign titles for the student to retrieve and read through the student’s own account access. Books may only be read when logged into this account-based website platform; the titles are not available for download. 

A Personalized Digital Library

  • 1,000+ books that support Emergent to Advanced readers
  • Dynamic lesson plans for small-group instruction
  • Resources for whole- and small-group instruction
  • Assessment tools and resources for tracking student progress
  • Interactive phonics activities paired with books
  • Tools for supporting student engagement and achievement

    The Digital Reader is an annual subscription. It does not automatically renew.

        Subscription info here

        Digital Reader Overview


        Common Digital Reader Q&As