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A digital library with a collection of more than 1,000 leveled and decodable books.

The Digital Reader meets ESSA Tier Two standards.
Read the 2021 product evaluation conducted by McREL International [PDF]. 

Teachers are able to use the digital books to share via online instruction by way of their own prerecorded lessons, or they can assign titles for the student to retrieve and read through the student’s own account access. Books may only be read when logged into this account-based website platform; the titles are not available for download. 

NOTE: Ordering a new Digital Reader subscription? Orders must be processed before your account can be activated. Digital Reader orders currently take 1–3 business days (excluding holidays) to process.

For Students

  • Access to an extensive digital library, with new books added every month!
  • Award-winning nonfiction books that build knowledge and vocabulary
  • Realistic fiction, traditional tales, myths, and historical fiction showcasing diverse characters and settings
  • Badges and customized avatars to support engagement and achievement
  • Teacher-led book introduction videos that support skillful reading experiences
  • Interactive, engaging word study and phonics activities paired with books

    For Teachers

    • A collection of high-quality decodable books for phonics instruction
    • Dynamic lesson plans for small-group instruction
    • Teaching resources for whole- and small-group instruction
    • Tools to assign books to students, groups, and classrooms
    • Assessment tools and resources for tracking student progress
    • At-a-glance reading stats for each student
    • Progress monitoring and assessment tracking

    Reading Adventures

    NEW! Let's go on an adventure together! Reading Adventures is a new feature that provides students with structure and support during independent reading and center time. Zoom along with Bella and Rosie as students receive three, system-generated book choices based on their Reading Adventure level. Each book begins with a word study activity and a video introduction that will ensure your student is prepared. There are twelve books at each Reading Adventure level and your student will be able to explore one book per day—offering a highly personalized learning experience based on individual skill level and needs. Reading Adventures supports independent student learning at a pace that is just right for them, with fun and interactive lessons designed to keep students engaged as they learn. Let's see where the road takes us! Watch the video to get a peek!


    Pioneer Valley Books is a signatory on the Student Privacy Pledge for our Digital Reader privacy policy.


    Digital Reader Privacy Policy [PDF]
    Additional questions regarding Student Data Privacy may be directed to privacy@pioneervalleybooks.com.