The Literacy Tool That Fits Every Classroom
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Whether you are a teacher leading a summer program, a tutor, or a homeschool educator, Digital Reader is a valuable tool to captivate curious minds and encourage confident, enthusiastic readers!  

Digital Reader by Pioneer Valley Books complements any curriculum, strengthening the foundations built over the school year. 

  • Personalized learning tracks enhance independent reading to meet the needs of every student
  • Motivating reading goals and rewards engage students and inspire growth
  • An expanding library of decodable books and fiction and nonfiction readers supports a wide range of readers
Why Teachers Love Digital Reader

High-Quality Content

Digital Reader delivers 1,000+ fiction, nonfiction, and decodable books, with new books added every month! Each book has been carefully crafted and illustrated to support and challenge a wide range of readers.

Independent Learning Track

Digital Reader provides a highly personalized learning experience based on individual skill level and needs—pairing interactive games and videos with our books to keep students engaged.

Kid-Friendly Platform

Digital Reader is easy to use and provides customizable character avatars, reading badges, and goal-setting options to keep students motivated.

Data Tracking Tools and Reports

Whether you are looking to review an individual student’s results with parents or share a report with an administrator, Digital Reader provides real-time data with the Books Read, Assignments Completed, Time Spent Reading, Word Study Results, and Class Progress tracking tools. Comprehensive reports of student progress make it easy to adjust and appropriately challenge your readers.

Assessment and Data Center

Digital Reader provides a suite of assessment resources—from gauging reading accuracy, fluency, and comprehension through texts to evaluating letter, sound, and encoding knowledge. Teachers gain valuable insights into each student’s strengths and weaknesses in order to tailor instruction based on changing needs, and identify appropriate books for independent reading success.

Let's go on an adventure together!
Reading Adventures is a feature that provides students with structure and support during independent reading and center time. Zoom along with Bella and Rosie as students receive three, system-generated book choices based on their Reading Adventure level. Each book begins with a word study activity and a video introduction that will ensure your student is prepared. There are twelve books at each Reading Adventure level and your student will be able to explore one book per day—offering a highly personalized learning experience based on individual skill level and needs. Reading Adventures supports independent student learning at a pace that is just right for them, with fun and interactive lessons designed to keep students engaged as they learn.
Let's see where the road takes us! Watch the video to get a peek!
Feature Spotlight: Reading Adventures


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