A Dynamic Literacy Solution to Engage Every Student and Foster a Love of Reading
About Stepping Together
Aligned with current literacy research and built on the success of the original, Stepping Together 2nd Edition offers dynamic whole-group explicit instruction that engages all students in interactive phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics, reading, comprehension, and writing. With engaging phonics resources, fiction and nonfiction texts, and decodable short Super Stories, Stepping Together, 2nd Edition is the perfect formula for literacy development.

Defined Scope and Sequence 

Lessons follow a systematic scope and sequence growing in complexity, helping to build comprehension, fluency, and vocabulary skills across the year.

Research-Backed Phonics Activities

Students practice skills through thoughtfully constructed phonics-based activities that progress in complexity, building confidence and independence in students. 

Engaging Books Create Conversation and Promote Comprehension

Natural-language texts expose readers to a range of genres including folktales, fantasy, realistic fiction, and informational text. Dynamic and engaging stories provide opportunities for enhanced listening comprehension and comprehension focuses.

Resources and Research to Support Educators

Easy-to-navigate teacher’s guide is complete with detailed research to support each lesson. Innovative tools assist teachers in determining appropriate differentiation and corrective feedback.

Effective Assessment Tools

End-of-module summative assessments to monitor weekly progress and a Class Progress Monitoring Recording Sheet to record results consistently. Fidelity checklists support observation, coaching, and implementation.


"I am even seeing my ESL and IEP students having success making stronger attempts with their reading and writing, and developing better word knowledge! Another thing I enjoy is the amount of time I am saving planning. SO WONDERFUL! I just need to study the lesson and tweak it here and there for specific learners’ needs. I am in year 32, I wish I had this long ago."

–Kate F., classroom teacher
in South-Western, OH

"I have taught for 20 years and I've never had a successful reading curriculum. I finally have a reading curriculum that I can use. It feels like I have lost 500 pounds off my shoulders! I am such a literacy nerd and this is making my dreams come true! Everyone here is LOVING Stepping Together. We are seeing huge growth and it is so exciting. So thankful we chose PVB!"

–Marcie H., first grade teacher
in Marshall, MI

"PVB truly has the best product on the market in my opinion. I have heard from so many teachers how much they love Stepping Together. All I can say is wow! The engagement from every single student (from the most struggling to the most advanced) was absolutely amazing. The writing component is just so wonderful in how it allows students to actively apply the skills they are learning as readers into their writing."

–Carly K., literacy coach
in Wooster, OH

Each Stepping Together kit features:
  • 3 copies each of 35 titles
  • A comprehensive teaching guide that provides detailed instructions for teaching procedures and supports a smooth implementation
  • 175 days of whole-group lesson plans
  • 3 lap-size books for read-aloud of nursery rhymes, songs, and chants
  • Dry-erase lapboards for 24 students
  • 24 copies each of 25 Super Stories—decodable texts to support phonics instruction—bundled into 5 distinct week-long booklets for the Kindergarten kit
  • 24 copies each of 35 Super Stories—decodable texts to support phonics instruction—bundled into 7 distinct week-long booklets for the 1st and 2nd grade kits
  • Built-in progress monitoring and summative assessments for every module
  • Downloadable resources
  • One-year Teacher subscription for the Digital Reader
  • Various classroom materials to support instruction