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An explicit, systematic, multisensory literacy curriculum that will blast your students into literacy.




Phonics Launch is a flexible and dynamic literacy curriculum designed to help teachers deliver systematic and explicit phonemic awareness, phonics, reading, and writing instruction.

  • Daily short mini-lessons
  • Can be used for whole-group and small-group instruction
  • Letter learning and phonemic awareness activities
  • Hands-on multisensory phonics activities
  • Orthographic mapping of high-frequency words
  • Guided writing designed to extend new learning
  • Decodable text that gradually and systematically introduces beginning readers to new letter-sound correspondences and high-frequency words

Letter Learning/Phonemic Awareness
Students use tactile and multisensory tools that provide opportunities to develop phonemic awareness and encourage curiosity about letters within the framework of explicit and systematic instruction. 

Each lesson includes a variety of effective, engaging, and research-based procedures that explicitly teach phonics.

New Sight Word
New sight words are taught using activities that develop orthographic mapping.

New Book
Students have opportunities to apply and practice new phonics skills as they read the decodable storybook that accompanies each lesson.

Sight Word Review
Opportunities for reading and writing with the new sight word, along with a built-in review, support students’ development of a strong core of words that they can read and write with automaticity.

Carefully crafted dictated sentences allow students to practice and extend new phonics skills.

Phonics Launch Summary of Research [PDF]

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