Ready for Liftoff: Launch into Foundational Skills While Prioritizing Student Engagement!
About Phonics Launch
Phonics Launch is a research-based literacy program that combines the power of systematic phonics with dynamic instruction. Each Phonics Launch kit includes high-quality decodable storybooks that facilitate practice in phonics skills while introducing readers to engaging stories that promote a love of reading. The lessons provide differentiated instruction in phonemic awareness, alphabetics, phonics, decoding, and encoding—all critical elements in a science-based reading program.

Optimize teacher success and student learning by adding the Phonics Launch Handbook as a go-to resource to your classroom. With an in-depth explanation of each step within the lessons, along with invaluable teaching tips, our easy-to-follow handbook will guide you!

Captivating Decodable Storybooks

  • Includes a collection of beautifully illustrated decodable readers that follow a scope and sequence, while also capturing the interest of young readers!
  • The Phonics Storybooks are carefully written so that previously taught and newly acquired phonic elements are at the forefront.

Daily Paired Phonemic Awareness And Phonics Activities

  • Mini-lessons include a systematic and highly sequential progression of phonemic awareness activities.
  • Multimodal phonics instruction supports students in building flexibility and strong decoding and encoding skills.

Immediate Transfer Of Phonemic Awareness/Phonics To Reading And Writing

  • Decoding and encoding practice throughout the lesson encourages students to become flexible word solvers while reading and writing.
  • Interactive or guided writing is built into each lesson.
  • Dictated sentences that have been strategically crafted to ensure practice of phonic elements are included in every lesson.

Flexible Lessons

  • Lessons fill gaps in phonemic awareness, phonics, and fluency.
  • Phonic instruction supplements where students need additional instruction along the phonics continuum.
  • The program masterfully supports differentiated instruction in a small-group setting and can be easily adapted to whole-group instruction.

Differentiated Instruction

  • A built-in phonics survey helps determine individual needs and a starting place within the lessons.
  • Individual progress monitoring is ongoing throughout the lesson framework.
  • Suggested corrective feedback is offered to scaffold differentiation.