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About In Tandem
IN TANDEM is a 5-day reading curriculum that combines the power of systematic phonics with dynamic small-group, differentiated instruction. Each lesson pairs a high-quality decodable book with a fiction or nonfiction authentic text to maximize and accelerate student learning. The easy-to-follow lessons provide research-based, multimodal targeted instruction in reading, writing, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. In Tandem offers culturally responsive instruction that engages every student in learning, promotes deeper thinking, and inspires students to become powerful and joyful readers.
P​romote Deeper Thinking, and Inspire Students to Become Powerful and Joyful Readers!

Research-Based Lesson Plans

  • A systematic program of daily, explicit phonemic awareness and phonics activities ensures students have a firm grasp of basic and complex sound-letter links.
  • Robust and easy-to-navigate teacher’s guide is complete with detailed research to support each lesson.

Captivating Decodable Books

  • With dynamic and engaging stories at the center of this curriculum, your students will enjoy applying their new skills to text.

Reading and Writing Activity Books

  • Students apply skills with thoughtfully constructed phonics-based activities that progress in complexity, building confidence and independence in students.
  • Student reading and writing activity books scaffold and extend student learning.

Easy-to-Use Teacher Handbook

  • Includes explicit guidance to build teacher capacity in each aspect of the framework to seamlessly and successfully provide small-group, differentiated instruction.

Weekly Progress Monitoring Assessment

  • A built-in phonics survey helps determine individual needs and a starting place within the lessons.
  • Individual progress monitoring is ongoing throughout the lesson framework.

"I am a first grade teacher and have seen a tremendous amount of growth with my students in a very short time using the In Tandem First Grade Kit. I had students that came into school not controlling letter names and sounds. I used the Kindergarten In Tandem lessons and Phonics Storybooks, and they are ready to begin the lessons and read the books in the In Tandem First Grade Kit. I am excited to continue to see my students progress not only as readers, but as writers as well."

–Ashley F., 1st grade teacher