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Teaching Tip: Teaching Nonfiction

Teaching Nonfiction
Guided Reading Lesson Planning Sheet for Informational Text

Michele Dufresne

A recent study found that, on average, first graders spend only 3.6 minutes per day with informational text. The Common Core State Standards place heavy emphasis on reading and understanding of informational text.

Do you find planning guided reading lessons for beginning readers using informational text challenging? I do! Nonfiction often has a different set of sight words. On top of the sight word challenge, nonfiction books can be filled with new concepts and unfamiliar vocabulary words. Any book selected for reading instruction needs to be selected carefully. You do not want to have so many challenges that the students end up struggling. Their processing system will fall apart. They will be unable to access the meaning of the text.

I have created a planning sheet to help me organize my lessons that I would like to share with you. Over the next several weeks I will share additional tips for selecting and planning nonfiction lessons.

You can download your Guided Reading Lesson Planning Sheet for Informational Text here!

I will be speaking on this subject at the National Reading Recovery Conference next week (The session is called We LOVE To Read Informational Text).

Michèle Dufresne is author of many Pioneer Valley Books  early readers (including the Bella and Rosie series), Word Solvers (Heinemann), and an early literacy and literacy intervention consultant.

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