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Rusty the Robot

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Rusty the Robot Plush Companion

With his eye-catching shiny silver body and sweet...

Rusty the Robot Set 1

Levels: D/6 – I/15

Readers will enjoy following this curious robot's adventures...

Rusty the Robot Set 2

Levels: A/1 – G/12

Continue following this curious robot's adventures as he plays...

Rusty the Robot Set 3

Levels: I/16 – N/21

Beep! Beep! It's a new set of adventures...

Rusty Plays at the Park

Levels: D/6

Rusty learns to play ball a little too...

Rusty Goes Fishing

Levels: E/7

Jada and Anthony take Rusty on a trip...

Rusty Works Hard

Levels: C/3

Rusty helps his family with chores.

Rusty and the Tree Fort

Levels: E/8

Rusty builds a tree fort with Jada and...

Rusty Can Do It

Levels: A/1

Rusty can do so much!

Mom Makes Rusty the Robot

Levels: A/1

Meet Rusty the Robot!

Rusty's School Day

Levels: G/12

Rusty goes to school with Anthony for the...

Rusty Helps Out

Levels: D/6

Mom, Dad, Jada, and Anthony discover all the...

A Snow Day for Rusty

Levels: G/12

Jada and Anthony take Rusty outside to experience...

Rusty's Missing Beep

Levels: F/9

Jada and Anthony can't get Rusty the Robot...

Rusty's Big Move

Levels: H/14

Rusty the Robot's family is moving into a...

Rusty Learns a New Word

Levels: I/15

Jada, Anthony, Mom, Dad, and Rusty take a...