Read-at-Home Take-Home Books Level K

Single (1 copy of each title)

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The Pioneer Valley Books Read-at-Home sets are ideal for caretakers, friends and families seeking to provide daily reading opportunities for their children in a non-electronic learning environment. Each level set (A–N) contains 12 titles at a single reading level. The read-at-home book sets are an excellent choice for home engagement programs, as the books come at a very affordable price point to provide materials to a large number of students at a lower cost! The read-at-home books are printed on durable, yet lightweight, magazine-like paper, making them a great value.

Students familiar with Pioneer Valley Books stories, characters, and topics from school will excel with our Home Engagement materials! Our thoughtful and fun books offer continued connection and communication with your readers—outside of the classroom!

Included titles:

Little Knight Runs Away
Ice Skates for Quack
Ricky and Buster
Henry Ford
A Gentle Pony for Peter
Cookies for Clarence
Jellyfish: Mysterious Creatures from the Sea
Brer Rabbit and the Moon: A Southern American Folk Tale
Who’s the Boss?
The Frog Prince
Baseball: America’s Favorite Pastime
The Magic Hat

Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction

Image Type: Photographs, Illustrations

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