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Single (1 copy of each title)


Our Read-at-Home sets have been specifically curated to support remote learning. Each set includes at least twelve of our take-home books at a single guided reading level, accompanied by easy-to-follow lesson routines for parents to deliver at home. 

Our take-home books are full color, and they completely match the layout, content, illustrations, and photographs as their standard classroom versions. These books are the same dimensions as our classroom books, but printed on a lighter weight paper (60# as compared to the 100# of our standard books.)

We provide free shipping for all Read-at-Home sets! 

Included titles:

Little Knight Runs Away
Ice Skates for Quack
Ricky and Buster
Henry Ford
A Gentle Pony for Peter
Cookies for Clarence
Jellyfish: Mysterious Creatures from the Sea
Brer Rabbit and the Moon: A Southern American Folk Tale
Who’s the Boss?
The Frog Prince
Baseball: America’s Favorite Pastime
The Magic Hat

Genre: Fiction, Nonfiction

Image Type: Photographs, Illustrations

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