Exploring the Anthology

Exploring the Anthology

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June has finally arrived at Colleen’s Cozy Book Corner! If you have been here before, welcome back! If you are new, I’m so glad you stopped by. Is your school year over? Happy summertime! Each month I talk about one of the titles in our collection here at Pioneer Valley Books. The book selection varies; however, be warned: I have a soft spot for PVB characters Reginald the Stinky Dog and Marshmallow the Pony! But today we are exploring a category of book that I have not yet reported on: the anthology!

There is something impressive about an anthology, isn’t there? It’s one book with several pieces of writing within it. An anthology can also be called a compendium, a word that is not only fun to pronounce but will also make you sound super brainy. We have 12 anthologies in our library, and each one includes six short reads, both fiction and nonfiction, that center on the same topic. Our anthologies are available individually or in two sets of six.


This month, the anthology Voting Rights is in the spotlight. Since this is a presidential election year here in the USA, this book is worth showcasing. But in truth, voting rights are important any and every year. This anthology starts with a piece about Kids Voting USA (KVUSA), an organization whose purpose is to involve kids in the voting process and inspire them to take this federally protected right very seriously when they reach voting age (or earlier!). How about a ballot box in your classroom to choose what book to read next or where to have a class lunch together? Another piece talks about the importance of leadership, a trait also found in the animal kingdom, and how the best leaders are selected. Ever wonder how a baboon elects a baboon president? And if you’d like to read about one of the many impactful events that led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965, you will find it here. This anthology is 36 pages of information, inspiration, and determination!

This book, like all the anthologies in our collection, is a great way for teachers to engage fluent readers in deep discussions on interesting topics. You’ll also be able to expose students to several different genres in one book, including historical fiction, which is essentially time travel for any reader! 

Other thought-provoking anthologies in our collection include What Made Me Sick?, Up in Space, and Strange Creatures.