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Quack the Duck

24 products

Quack the Duck Plush Companion

Our cute Quack the Duck plush features his...

Quack the Duck Set 1

Levels: A/1 – J/17

Quack the Duck plays in the rain, takes...

Quack the Duck Set 2

Levels: A/1 – L/19

Quack sets off on new adventures in this...

Quack the Duck Set 3

Levels: B/2 – I/15

Follow Quack on his adventures around the pond....

Quack and the Big Fish

Levels: E/8

Quack and Grandpa Duck go fishing for their...

New Boots for Quack

Levels: B/2

Quack is shopping for new boots with Dad!...

Quack Goes Camping

Levels: F/10

Quack wants desperately to go camping but his...

A Rainy Day for Quack

Levels: E/7

All the animals are unhappy on a rainy...

Where Is Mother Duck?

Levels: D/5

Quack is looking for his mother.

Quack the Hero

Levels: D/6

Quack rescues a child who falls in the...

Quack's Red Boots

Levels: F/9

It's only after Quack's red boots go missing...

Quack the Duck

Levels: A/1

This early reader introduces a vibrantly illustrated character...

Quack the Duck's Family

Levels: B/2

This delightful story with charming illustrations is just...

Quack is a Duck

Levels: C/4

Quack the Duck goes on a quest to...

Quack and the Eggs

Levels: H/14

On Quack’s hunt to find someone to play...

Quack and the Race

Levels: G/12

Quack and his siblings venture into the forest...