Compass Collection Assessment Materials and Resources

The Compass Collection comes with everything you will need to support your English language learners in their literacy development. The books in this collection are selected to engage and encourage young readers. All of the books come with a suggested two-day lesson plan and each lesson plan is broken down into steps to help you teach the skills necessary for a successful lesson. Lesson plans connect back to the World-Class Instructional Design and Assessment (WIDA) Framework for English language development and the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to help you stay on track. In addition, we provide the following resources, available for downloading.

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Assessment is an important part of the Compass Collection. On this resources page, we offer the materials for two types of assessments: High Frequency Word Assessment and Running Records Assessment. Both assessments help you to place your students at the correct level to ensure reading success. Additionally, you can also use our Leveled Reading Assessment to level your student.

High Frequency Word Assessment

Garden Collection

Running Records Assessment & Recording Forms

Garden Collection



Compass Collection Resources Icon Resources

  • Using Elkonin Sound Boxes: Teach phonemic awareness by having students listen for individual sounds and mark where they hear them in the boxes. Michele Dufresne produced two videos to demonstrate this method: Video 1 Video 2
  • Vocabulary Strategy cards: Review strategies for learning new words and create prompt cards for learning new vocabulary based on skills students already know.