Interactive Read-Aloud Celebrating Diversity: I Am Enough

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I Am Enough, written by Grace Byers and illustrated by Keturah A. Bobo, is a story that reminds us all that, despite our differences, we should love ourselves, always be kind, and respect others. In this gorgeous and lyrical story, readers will have the opportunity to discover and connect with their amazing qualities while learning about respecting others and their differences. As the story unfolds, students are called to reflect on their inner strength and beauty. The Stop-Think-Paraphrase (S-T-P) comprehension focus threaded throughout the lesson allows students to stop, think, and compare their personal qualities to things in the world. The lesson’s SEL connection is acceptance and teaches first how we can learn to accept who we are by connecting to what’s around us and then how we can learn to accept others for who they are—even if they possess qualities different from ours.

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