Getting Started With Nonfiction Boxed Set

Single student

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A child learns so much about how to read by reading with you. The I Love to Read Getting Started books are just right for a child beginning to learn to read. When you teach your child to ride a bike, you will most likely use training wheels to make it easy for him or her to learn. The Getting Started books begin with very simple, easy-to-read stories that gradually become more challenging. Delightful characters and story plots, along with simple sentences and pictures, help your child understand and anticipate the story and provide the ”training wheels” for learning to read.

The Getting Started sets include titles that may be familiar to our fans, reprinted in a smaller (5"x5") format. They are made for the single user and not intended for heavy classroom use. 

Includes 14 nonfiction books and a handy parent guide to help your child succeed at reading.
A - What Can Fly? 
A - Insects 
A - Farm Animals 
A - Dinner Time at the Zoo 
B - Camouflage 
B - Vehicles 
B - What Can Swim? 
B - Baby Animals of the Rain Forest 
C - Making Pizza 
C - Playing Soccer 
C - In the Pond 
D - Giraffes 
D - Kittens 
D - Grizzly Bears

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