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In Tandem Kindergarten Kit

In Tandem Kindergarten pairs high-quality books with dynamic, easy-to-follow lessons to provide research-based, multisensory, targeted instruction in reading, writing, phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Each five-day lesson features two accompanying books: a phonics storybook and a leveled book. The two books work together across the week enabling students to develop critical literacy skills in a systematic progression. In addition, a tightly woven scope and sequence ensures students build the letter-sound correspondence and spelling-pattern knowledge needed for strong decoding and encoding skills. Students also work with comprehension strategies that are closely aligned with kindergarten expectations and standards.

This product is anticipated to begin shipping to your address on March 1.

Each In Tandem Kindergarten kit includes

  • 6 copies each of 48 Phonics Storybooks titles
  • 6 copies each of 48 leveled readers
  • 48 lesson cards, each with a 5-day framework
  • Bella & Rosie’s ABC Books (2nd edition)
  • 25 copies of In Tandem Reading and Writing Activity Book One
  • 25 copies of In Tandem Reading and Writing Activity Book Two
  • 6 copies of Digraph-Blend Chart Cards
  • 6 copies of ABC/Sound Box Chart Cards
  • 6 Dry-Erase Write-On Sleeves
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