Interactive Read-Aloud First Grade Kit 1

First Grade Kit 1

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Mini-lessons for Whole-Group Instruction

Each grade level kit includes 12 carefully curated trade books, partnered with a corresponding lesson directly linked to the comprehension strategies of the Literacy Footprints lessons. Each book has been selected to reflect engaging illustrations, strong storylines, and a powerful opportunity to teach for deeper meaning. These whole-group lessons provide teachers with the framework to introduce students to the comprehension strategies that will comprise upcoming guided reading lessons.

The Literacy Footprints Interactive Read-Aloud will provide teachers with:

  • Lesson plans to pre-teach comprehension strategies
  • A carefully curated collection of trade books with corresponding lesson plans
  • Downloadable materials for teacher support
  • Prompts and language to encourage students to think about text as they read
  • Lesson plans that motivate students to engage with their reading
  • Formats that align closely with the instructional model of Literacy Footprints


Titles include:

  1. Alfie (The Turtle That Disappeared), by Thyra Heder
  2. Little Red Riding Hood, by Jerry Pinkney
  3. Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion, by Alex T. Smith
  4. Too Many Carrots, by Katy Hudson
  5. Mother Bruce, by Ryan T. Higgins
  6. Baby Penguin's First Waddles, by American Museum of Natural History
  7. Fabulous Frogs, by Martin Jenkins, illustrated by Tim Hopgood
  8. A Mighty Bitey Creature, by Ronda Armitage, illustrated by Nikki Dyson
  9. Otters Love to Play, by Jonathan London, illustrated by Meilo So
  10. Bear and Duck, by Katy Hudson
  11. The One Day House, by Julia Durango, illustrated by Bianca Diaz
  12. A Book of Bridges: Here to There and Me to You, by Cheryl Keely, illustrated by Celia Krampien
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