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Leveled Fiction Set 1 Levels: N/21 – P/23

This six-book set of short reads engages students and provides them with multiple opportunities for critical thinking and deep comprehension.

Author: Beverly J. Letchworth, Kate Boyer, Leslie J. Wyatt, Marilyn Helmer, Maryann Schneider, Suzanne Wright

Genre: Fiction

Image Type: Illustrations

Illustrator: Alissa Imre Geis, Jada Rowland, Lisa Fields, Mariano Santillan, Sophie McNally, Will Hillenbrand

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In this collection

1 of AmigaLevels:O/22

1 of Brave DogLevels:O/22

1 of NerveLevels:O/22

1 of Odin's Firefly GoodbyeLevels:N/21

1 of School of FreedomLevels:P/23

1 of Two Thirty CrossingLevels:P/23

In this collection

6 of AmigaLevels:O/22

6 of Brave DogLevels:O/22

6 of NerveLevels:O/22

6 of Odin's Firefly GoodbyeLevels:N/21

6 of School of FreedomLevels:P/23

6 of Two Thirty CrossingLevels:P/23