Lantern Fiction Set 4 Levels: S/26 – V/29


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Short Stories for Transitional and Fluent Readers 

This six-book set of short reads engages students and provides them with multiple opportunities for critical thinking and deep comprehension.
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In this collection

1 of The Driver Levels:S/26

1 of Ahimsa Levels:T/27

1 of The Flying Test Levels:T/27

1 of From Scratch Levels:T/27

1 of Emily's Mom Levels:U/28

1 of Salamander Crossing Levels:V/29

In this collection

6 of The Driver Levels:S/26

6 of Ahimsa Levels:T/27

6 of The Flying Test Levels:T/27

6 of From Scratch Levels:T/27

6 of Emily's Mom Levels:U/28

6 of Salamander Crossing Levels:V/29