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Single kit

This easy-to-use assessment kit aligns with Literacy Footprints and identifies the instructional and independent reading levels for students. This version includes 28 print assessment books, Levels A–N, and a comprehensive teachering guide, packed in a convenient carrying case. It includes access to the online student tracker. 

The Literacy Footprints Guided Reading Assessment is truly affordable, so every classroom can have a kit, every student can benefit from quality progress monitoring, and every school can be confident in the continuity of instruction. Volume discounts are available.

The kit includes:

  • 28 books (2 at each level) created expressly for our Assessment Kits, featuring the characters that readers of Pioneer Valley Books and Literacy Footprints know and love
  • A teaching guide created to make planning, implementation, and data interpretation simple and successful
  • A video tutorial that walks you through coding, scoring, and analyzing running records
  • Printable online assessment forms, available on demand for our Assessment users
  • An Online Student Data Tracker to simplify the process of recording and monitoring student progress, and simplify sharing information with administrators and parents, as needed
  • Optional upgrade to include digital versions of each assessment title
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