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Pearl Diver Chapter Books Levels: M/20 – Q/24

Set in the 1900s, these four books tell the story of a Bedouin boy, Yousef. When his family falls on hard times, Yousef must change their fortune by leaving home to dive for pearls in the Arabian Gulf. The Pearl Diver set is part of our Picture the Past series, which offers historical fiction tales that teach students about new times and places through the eyes of the books' heroes.

Author: Ellen Lewis

Genre: Fiction

Image Type: Illustrations

Illustrator: Max Stasiuk

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In this collection

1 of The Bedouin BoyLevels:M/20

1 of The DiveLevels:O/22

1 of The Pink PearlLevels:Q/24

1 of Under the SeaLevels:P/23

In this collection

6 of The Bedouin BoyLevels:M/20

6 of The DiveLevels:O/22

6 of The Pink PearlLevels:Q/24

6 of Under the SeaLevels:P/23