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Phonics Skill Focus: Multisyllabic Words with Common Prefixes and Suffixes, Vowel-r Combinations, Vowel Teams, Trigraphs, and Diphthongs.

The Pioneer Valley Phonics Storybooks provide teachers with a collection of high-quality decodable readers that have been carefully crafted to follow a scope and sequence that provides readers with abundant opportunities to transfer newly acquired phonics skills to an authentic reading context. Each set of books features diverse characters, fun storylines, and beautiful illustrations. Readers will gain both skills and confidence with these engaging books. Lifting Off provides the transitional reader opportunities to practice decoding multisyllabic words with common prefixes and suffixes, as well as words with challenging sounds such as vowel-r combinations, vowel teams, trigraphs, and diphthongs.


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Genre: Fiction

Image Type: Illustrations

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