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In Tandem: Reading, Writing, Phonics

In Tandem is a small-group 5-day reading program that provides carefully sequenced, high-impact instruction in reading, writing, phonemic awareness, and phonics. High-quality decodable storybooks are paired with natural language fiction and nonfiction readers to maximize and accelerate student learning. A systematic program of daily, explicit phonological awareness and phonics activities ensures students have a firm grasp of basic and complex sound-letter links. Each day, students immediately transfer these foundational skills to reading and writing, which reinforces the learning. Differentiated instruction aligns with standards and helps students develop a processing system based on meaning and structure. Each lesson is designed to help students cultivate vocabulary, develop fluency, improve comprehension, and build critical literacy skills. The In Tandem system offers culturally responsive instruction that engages every student in learning, promotes deeper thinking, and inspires students to become powerful and joyful readers.