Target Audience: K–5 Teachers   

The Interactive Read-Aloud sessions are professional learning opportunities created to support participants in understanding how to implement the Interactive Read-Aloud lessons to support and enhance literacy instruction. Additional follow-up options include modeling lessons and/or coaching during the implementation of the lessons. The Interactive Read-Aloud sessions are designed to support classroom teachers in delivering high-quality, research-based reading instruction. Book a Professional Learning session now


IRA.1 Getting Started with Interactive Read-Aloud

Interactive Read-Aloud is a powerful way to introduce students to comprehension focuses while simultaneously engaging students in the joyful experience of listening to books read aloud. In this session, participants will become familiar with the stories, learn how to teach and scaffold the comprehension focus, explore the lesson framework, and become familiar with the steps and procedures of lesson delivery. Additionally, participants will create their own Interactive Read-Aloud lesson using a self-selected picture book. Half-day options available.

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