Target Audience: Classroom Teachers or Interventionists  

Phonics Launch sessions are professional learning opportunities created to support participants in understanding both the theory and practice of carefully sequenced, high-impact instruction in phonemic awareness, phonics, reading, and writing. Each session spotlights the power of systemic phonics combined with dynamic literacy instruction. Additional follow-up options include modeling lessons and/or coaching during the implementation of the lessons. The Phonics Launch sessions are designed to support classroom, intervention, English language learners (ELL), and special education teachers in delivering high-quality, research-based reading instruction. Book a Professional Learning session now


Phonics Launch

PL.1 Getting Started with Phonics Launch Lessons

This session is an overview of Phonics Launch lessons. Each lesson framework begins with a spotlight on fostering phonemic awareness and phonics skills that are then tightly woven into reading and writing. Participants will walk away confident to begin implementing Phonics Launch lessons. Half- or full-day options available.


PL.2 Digging Deeper: Developing Phonemic Awareness and Phonics Skills

This session delves into the theory and hands-on practice of phonemic awareness and phonics activities in the Phonics Launch lessons. Participants will practice and deepen their understanding of these activities. They will also explore the benefits of responsive teaching using corrective feedback to scaffold learning and promote transfer to reading and writing. Half-day options available.

*Prerequisite Getting Started with Phonics Launch Lessons 

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