Digital Reader Teacher License

Digital Reader Teacher License

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Digital Reader provides teachers and students with a comprehensive library of high-quality, beautifully illustrated books that can be used for small-group differentiated instruction, shared reading, and small- and whole-group phonics instruction. NOTE: Ordering a new Digital Reader subscription? Orders must be processed before your account can be activated. Digital Reader orders currently take 1–3 business days (excluding holidays) to process.

A Teacher License can be purchased as a stand-alone account for teachers, tutors, parents, and guardians, or as a school account managed by school or district administrators.

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Teacher licenses provide:

  • Access to 1,000+ leveled and decodable books
  • Progress monitoring and assessment running records and tracking tools
  • Professional learning resources
  • Lesson Planner tool
  • Tools to assign books to students, groups, and classrooms
  • At-a-glance reading stats with a time clock
  • Ability to set student reading goals
  • A scope and sequence for each Phonics Storybooks set
  • A continuously updated library of support articles
  • Real time person-to-person support

School and District:

Contact our Digital Reader Support Team for large volume purchases:

School and district resources on Digital Reader include:

  • Rostering integration (rostering compatible with Clever and Classlink)
  • At-a-glance reading stats at district, school, and classroom levels
  • Downloadable reports of reading stats, assessments, and progress monitoring
  • Easy-to-navigate support settings
  • Professional learning resources
  • Account rep services
  • A continuously updated library of support articles
  • Real time person-to-person support

When placing your order online, please include the full name and email address of the person who will be using the teacher license. For multiple licenses, include the contact person who will be responsible for submitting your staff roster for all teacher accounts.

If you are renewing an existing account, please include the name of your school and district in the comments field when you check out, as well as a point of contact so we can ensure that the correct teacher licenses stay activated.


Digital Reader is an annual subscription. It does not automatically renew. 

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Pioneer Valley Books is a signatory on the Student Privacy Pledge for our Digital Reader privacy policy.


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